History Medan

In ancient times the city of Medan is known as the Land Deli and state land is swampy area of approximately 4000 hectares. Some rivers crossing the city of Medan and it all boils down to the waterway. The rivers are Sei Deli, Sei Babura, Sei Sikambing, Sei Denai, Sei Putih, Sei Badra, Belawan and Sei Sei Sulang Mutual / Sei Kera, and Sei Deli.

The early history of the city of Medan

At first that opened the township field is Master Patimpus merga Pelawi Sembiring, its location in the Land Deli, then since colonial times people always weave Medan Deli (Medan-Deli). After days of independence over time the term Medan Deli gradually disappear and eventually less popular.

Formerly named the Land Deli from the Snake River (Deli Serdang) to Wampu River in Langkat while Deli Sultanate ruling at that time his territory does not include the area between the two rivers.

Overall the type of soil in the area Deli composed of clay, sand soil, soil mix, black soil, brown soil and red soil. This is a study of Van Hissink 1900, followed by research Vriens 1910 that in addition to the type of land like that no longer met the specific types of clay. This clay during the Dutch colonial place called Burnt Stone (now Southeast Terrain or Menteng) burn the bricks of high quality and one of the brick factory at that time was Deli Klei.

Regarding rainfall in the Land Deli classified two types namely: Main and Maxima Maxima Supplement. Main maxima occur in the months of October s / d in December were Maxima Supplementary between January s / d of September. In detail, the rainfall in Medan average 2000 per year with an average intensity of 4.4 mm / h.

Volker in 1860 Terrain is still a jungle and there here especially dimuara-estuaries interspersed settlements of people from Karo and the Malayan peninsula. In 1863 the Dutch began to open the tobacco plantations in Deli which was the star Tanah Deli. Since then the economy continues to grow so that field into the city government and economic center in North Sumatra.

At the beginning of its development is a small village called "Terrain Princess". Village development "Terrain Princess" is inseparable from its strategic position because it is located at the confluence of the Deli and Babura river, not far from the road Putri Hijau now. Both of these rivers in ancient times the traffic lanes are pretty crowded trade, thus Kampung "Terrain Princess" which is the forerunner of Medan, quickly developed into a very important transit port.

More and more people come to this village and the wife of Master Patimpus who founded the village of Medan gave birth to her first child a boy and named the Kolok. Livelihoods of people in Kampung Medan which they named with the Ten two Kuta is farmed pepper plant. Not long after the second child was born the Master Patimpus and even this male child named after the Kecik.

In his day Patimpus Teachers are classified as people who were thinking ahead. This was proved by sending their children to sit (studying) to read the Qur'an to Datuk City Build and then deepen the Islamic religion to Aceh.

Statement confirming that the presence of Kampung Medan This is the description of H. Mohammed Said, quoting through books Deli: In Woord en Beeld written by N. ten Cate. The statement said that the ancient village of this field is still there Citadel and the rest consists of two layers of wall-shaped roundabout located between two rivers namely dipertemuan Deli River and rivers Babura. Administrates house is located across the river from the village of Medan. If we see that the location of Kampung Medan is in the guesthouse and the fort now houses the offices administrates the PTP IX Tobacco Deli is now.

Source from : http://gg.gg/3n2b6


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