Enjoy Two Colors Sibolangit Waterfall

Two Colors Sibolangit Waterfall - This unique waterfall is located in the village of Durin Sirugun, District Sibolangit, Deli Serdang, North Sumatra. The distance from the city of Medan is not too far away, you only need about 1 hour drive to be able to post team who are ready to help guide your tour, the guides are trained and know very well the forest terrain that must be passed later. From the post to go into the forest takes approximately 3 hours to walk it is not surprising that physical readiness is very important, you have to be really fit. Along the path you will be treated to a panoramic tracking cool forest to the eye, you will have experience of travel and adventure at the same time to get to the waterfalls, climb and descent of the road you must walk.

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Two Colors Sibolangit Waterfall

The appeal of this waterfall in addition to its unique scenery and of course the position which is tucked among the thick foliage of the jungle region of Mount Sibayak .

Arriving at the intended destination, you will be greeted cool air plus stunning natural scenery. There are three waterfalls in one place, the highest reaching 60-70 meters, has a diameter of up to 25 meters, cool! Why is named after the waterfall 2 color? based on the scientific character of the water that contains phosphorus and sulfur mentioned is what gave birth to this beautiful natural phenomenon, so that you can see a waterfall that flows from the top light blue, while those already far accommodated gray white lake. If touching the skin also has a different temperature, light blue colored water was colder and white gray warm, try to swallow the water is warm because the content of phosphorus and sulfur are quite high. Of course a pity if not swimming or just playing in the water when he got this attraction, it is able to throw tired during the journey here, take pictures or your photography hobby is also a mandatory agenda that should not be missed. It is advised to bring their own supplies, eating and drinking too P3K your own box, and try not to pollute what damage the surrounding environment, because unfortunately if it can not be enjoyed by our next generation later.

Lodge around the waterfall is not available because it was in the middle of the forest, you can camp / tent set up and even then must consent authorities.

So if a visit to the Sumatran do not forget to Enjoy Two Colors Sibolangit Waterfall that will surely be unforgettable memories for you later.

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